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I’ve spent my afternoon sharpie-ing my hair supply box. Boredom at it’s finest. #sharpie
A Poem About Tumblr

T is for time spent,
like morning noon and night.
Perfecting the way my blog looks, making it a pretty sight.

U is for unusual,
like the kind of posts you see.
Cows with their heads getting stuck in shit,
and iron man-atee

M is for the men I like.
I post pics of them all the time.
You can have j biebs and peeta,
but Nathan Sykes is mine.

B is for bahahaha.
The posts I see are funny.
If you want a post to make me laugh, just reblog something punny

L is for likes
Just click on the heart
So like this poem for a start :P

R is for reblog of course.
What else is there to do?
That’s just how tumblr works my dear, reblog me and I’ll reblog you.

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This picture does not do justice to how sweaty, dirty, and overly pumped we are after seeing Breathe Carolina! I got hit in the head by 4 crowd surfers but it’s still going in my top 5 concerts ever! #warped #breathecarolina
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Getting to hold the brides bouquet #jacobsonwedding
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Best bridesmaids ever #jacobsonwedding
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Love these two ladies and glad they took me to my first baseball game yesterday, even if it wasn’t a real one 💙❤️⚾️
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nobody’s ever really happy to find out they’ve stayed up too late.

it used to be a cool achievement but now it’s like

"fuck. god damn it. not again. shit."

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"You can ask the universe for all the signs you want, but ultimately, we see what we want to see when we’re ready to see it."Unknown (via disagreed)

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